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Tracy is highly technically trained and fully experienced in a range of traditional embroidery and stitch techniques.

Her knowledge and skill is evident in both her own work, and her students, as she able to adapt to teaching all different styles and types of embroidery. Her skills in technique include appliqué, blackwork, canvas work, crewel work, goldwork, silk shading, stumpwork and whitework, both traditional and contemporary. Other techniques Tracy has explored and developed are machine embroidery, quilting, free style embroidery and more modern mixed media ideas.


Crewel work embroidery, which is also known as Jacobean crewel work, reached its peak in 17th century England, and was later taken to the America Colonies.


In contrast to traditional gold work embroidery, creative gold work gives the opportunity to work with metal threads in an experimental ambitious and enterprising way, whilst remaining true to good technique.


Drawn thread work is a form of open counted thread work embroidery where both the warp and/or weft are withdrawn from an even-weave fabric, which is then decorated with stitch.


Pulled work is a form of white work embroidery where the warp and weft of the fabric is pulled together to create pattern.

Latest blog posts

A Basic Silk Shading Tutorial . . . .
A Basic Silk Shading Tutorial . . . .
5th Aug 2020
Silk-shading uses a number of colours in cotton or silk threads, skilfully blended together to create the natural appearance of a flower, fruit, plant or animal.
12th Feb 2018
Interview with which is a great place for textile artists and art enthusiasts to be inspired and communicate with like-minded creatives.