Artist Statement

The work I generate I would express as refined, sophisticated, stylish, urban, contemporary, yet traditional, spontaneous, subjective and observant. I create with a desire to explore and satisfy my artistic needs, and to present and promote embroidered fine art.

I produce with 'a needle and thread', as my preferred tools. I have a longing to explore, collect, source, sample, as I continue to be inspired by life, skill, art and talent. I pursue my own style, and build on what experience I have gathered and gained from past design, technique and knowledge.

Designing and planning on what I want to achieve comes in various ways either by a 'spark' of inspiration, from what I have observed, from another influence, what is fashionable at that time or what is required to show what can be achieved with imagination. Therefore I remain open until I have researched my thoughts, findings and ideas. My results may also develop from technique, from the materials I have available or purchased, or both.

My current work, which is based heavily on stitch, is an amalgamation of contemporary and/or historical design, using traditional fine stitching, unconventional materials, or already acquired threads and fabrics, to produce or create a sample or a piece of art. I adore historical embroidery, yet I love contemporary off beat textile art, and therefore I work on achieving something that combines these ideas in a cleverly skilled way. I focus on fine detail, the nuts and bolts of embroidery, using subtle technique and colour blending, to give a finer meticulous finish to my work.

  • Seriously we are very lucky to have such a specialised and highly skilled professional embroiderer in Durham City and my view is we should take advantage of what Tracy can offer us. More Testimonials >

    Cheryl, RSN Certificate Course, LEVEL 3 City & Guilds and Durham Cathedral Broderer

  • One of the best teachers I've ever had Tracy gives clear, concise instructions. One of the best decisions I've made to join these classes. More Testimonials >

    Marie, RSN Certificate Course

  • Embarking on the City & Guilds course for me was a "now or never" opportunity which resulted in two years of inspirational learning and rewarding completion of the Design and Stitched Textiles course. More Testimonials >

    Judith, Level 3 City & Guilds

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